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The task: taking pictures of the most important things in my life should I be dropped off in the deep woods of this very country side. It’s funny how stuff works sometimes because I put off this task in lieu of another one. In the meantime, I took a trip into the deep woods of this very country side to pick up a load of organic black peat for my garden. Then my truck broke down. During this mishap, I mapped out this task, stranded in the woods with no cell phone; exiled.

I found that lines of what was most important were abstract and led to a place with no name.

These are shields to give me strength when I am exiled in the forrest– to remind me all the work it will take to find a new dwelling. The depression doesn’t come from what we leave behind, but from all the work it’ll take to build a new place. Depression was what informed us about our eviction; Our exile. It’s time to go now. We’re on our way out.



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