This I believe

The one sentence thesis of my belief is brief: this I believe– this life is as real as a dream. This life is a mystery. I’m confused at my life’s linear trajectory, so I believe my story requires poetic liberty and not simplicity. I believe the most important thing is to be free. It is only what I see that I see and the rest is belief. In short, what I believe is that life is a mystery. In other words, I don’t know anything, geez. I believe I know nothing, but I believe I must try. It is a mystery and I won’t bother to explain.

I believe that I’m a moron. Here’s what I mean: I believe I was adopted by a military family of aliens who couldn’t conceive. They couldn’t conceive of the foreign ways in which I perceived. Their zeal and zest for religion was so clean. But still I persisted in my own beliefs. No matter what the stake, I quoted proverbs from William Blake, such as, “If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise”. But still I am a fool, I’ve gone my own way and it’s lonely in infinity. But still I assuage myself with more verse: “Under every grief and pine runs a joy with silken twine… and when this we rightly know thro’ the world we safely go”; so I persevere. But still I am in danger and haven’t reached a home. I’m a wave tossed in the sea like a stranger asking where is the land and still looking for a hand to hold and I fear that I’m growing old. I fear I’m no good and will always be misunderstood. I believe that belief is to deceive. I guess I don’t believe in anything, because belief is conjecture, and only what we’re told; for me, I see. I’d rather be a seer than a seeker, and I don’t look at this as belief, though it may sound contradictory. I believe in the freedom to be contradictory and to repeat. I believe that when someone dies we shouldn’t hang a wreath, because they are no longer there but have gone to the air in a billion pieces. I believe in strategy. This means that if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll live successfully. To me, this means to be free. I believe in magic, sorcery and the Life of Pi philosophy.





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